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A simple .NET library for creating video files in AVI format.

If you want to render some video sequence, and do not want to touch DirectShow or depend on command-line utilities - SharpAvi may be what you need.
Writing uncompressed AVI does not require any external dependencies, it's pure .NET code. Files are produced in compliance with the OpenDML extensions which allow (nearly) unlimited file size (no 2GB limit).

Video is created by supplying individual in-memory bitmaps (byte arrays) and audio samples. Included are implementations of encoders for Motion JPEG (requires WPF), MPEG-4 (requires external VfW codecs) and MP3 (requires LAME binaries). Output format is always AVI, regardless of a specific codec used. Asynchronous writing/encoding is supported.

To get started, jump to the DOCUMENTATION tab.

There is a mirror repository on GitHub, if you feel more comfortable there.

Project binaries can also be downloaded as NuGet package.

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