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Compression with lossess codec?

Jan 11 at 9:51 PM
I am using SharpAvi to manage the AVI creation in a cine capture project I am working on and am having difficulty getting the library to work with any of the available lossless VFW codecs (UTVideo and MagicYUV). Apparently your library only works with codecs that support temporal compression - is there a reason for that? I can get it to work with Lagarthim codec , but would like to try these other codecs to see if I can get better performance in my application (high throughput).

Jan 19 at 9:34 PM
Please give more details about the difficulties you have.
The core library code supports any codec that fits into AVI container. As you see, MJPEG does not provide temporal compression, but is supported and included into the library.
If you mean the Mpeg4VideoEncoderVcm encoder specifically, then yes, it is not intended to be a universal wrapper for VfW codecs. It was implemented to support only MPEG-4 codecs listed in its docs. If it works with some other codecs - that's cool.
You can make your own implementation of IVideoEncoder for needed VfW codecs based on Mpeg4VideoEncoderVcm code.