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NAudio output into SharpAVI directly

Jan 12 at 2:55 PM
Hi there! :)

I'm using NAudio to playback an mp3 of mine within my application. Plays great. I'm also using SharpAvi to capture the application in real time and save to disk. (Background - I want mp3 playback with some custom visualisation, and output this as an AVI complete with audio and save to disk).

It kind of works, ignoring frame de-synchronisation issues of audio and video - but the only way I have done it so far is by SharpAvi picking up a sound card loopback (realtek stereo mix loopback) input device for the audio. Suffice to say this isn't my ideal at all, especially when theres no loopback available!

Does anyone here have any help or experience of directly pushing playing NAudio output into SharpAvi as the audio source? It's a bit beyond me atm!

Many thanks :)
Jan 12 at 3:08 PM
oh, using WPF + c# if that makes any difference